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CSGO Remove Bots Command

Do you need a command to kick bots CSGO?… You entered the right place!

Below we indicate the different ways and the most convenient CSGO command to remove bots. Meet the best commands coming soon!

How to remove bots in CS GO?

Once the console is activated and open ( click here to activate it easily ), copy and paste the following command:

  • bot_kick

Thanks to this remove CSGO bots command you will be able to expel all the bots from the game.

To enter the command, follow these steps:

  • Open the console by touching the indicated key.
  • Copy the command to remove bots in CS GO indicated above.
  • Finally, paste the command in the console and hit -Enter-.

Activating the remove bots command in CSGO is as easy as following this detailed guide. You will be able to activate the command quickly and easily!

More useful commands

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Why use the command to remove CSGO bots?

The command to remove bots in CS GO will allow you, easily and in a few seconds, to expel all the bots that are in the game.

This way you will be able to use the map you are playing in the way you prefer .

In addition, knowing how to get CSGO bots will allow you to enjoy a personalized map without having to avoid the bots.

You will be able to use the command easily and quickly, thanks to the step by step shown above. Now that you know how to enter it, use the command whenever you need to.

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