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How to Mute Players in CS GO

Do you need a command to silence everyone in CSGO?… You have just arrived at the indicated section!

Below we show you the different ways and the most convenient command and bind to mute and unmute voice chat in CSGO. Find the best commands below!

bind and mutate command unmute CSGO

After activating and opening the console ( click here to activate it step by step ), copy and paste the following command to mute and unmute in CSGO:

  • bind KEY “toggle volume 0 1.0”

Replace the word KEY with the key you want to use. This bind will allow you to use a key to go from 0 to 1 (the maximum) volume.

Thanks to this command to mute in CSGO you will be able to use a key to mute and unmute in CSGO.

To activate the mutate command in CSGO, do this:

  • Open the console.
  • Copy the command shown above.
  • As the last step, paste the CSGO mutate and unmute bind in the console and press -Enter-.

Using the command is as easy as following this detailed guide. You will be able to use the command quickly and easily!

Other useful commands

Discover below a list of similar commands:

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You will be able to know different commands that will allow you to improve in CS and become more skilled, in the same way that the CS GO mutate unmute command worked for you.

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What will this mutate and unmute bind be useful for in CSGO?

The bind that we indicated before will allow you to configure a key to be able to mute and unmute during a game.

In this way you will be able to mute or unmute in a CSGO game with the touch of a key .

Along with this, this bind to mute in CSGO will allow you to have better control over the game and the volume of the game.

You will be able to activate the command easily and quickly, following the step by step shown above. Now that you know how to enter it, use this command whenever you need to.

It is recommended that you review other sections with different commands for CSGO, you will be able to discover the most useful of all.