Looking for sites to trade your CSGO skins for others? If the answer is yes, you’ve just come to the right place!

In case you want to trade CSGO skins and change them for others, here you can find a list of CSGO trading sites. Below we show you the different websites with promo codes, site rating and a link to each one.

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Information about CSGO trade sites

CSGO has spawned a massive digital economy as well as several gaming industry advances. In this industry, CSGO bot trade sites have also established themselves and have begun to provide excellent chances for profit. You may swap your CSGO skins for other skins on CSGO trading sites.

You have the option of making a fantastic transaction and receiving more value than the person with whom you are trading, or you may do the reverse and receive less than you negotiated for. As a result, it’s a good idea to perform some preliminary study into how CSGO trading works.

CSGO trading bot sites provide a lot of benefits, but they also have a lot of drawbacks. You should be aware that if the price of your skin is lower than the bot’s estimate, the bot will not authorize the transaction. Because bots are constantly looking out for themselves. Scam tales, on the other hand, are spreading on several CSGO Trading websites.

Almost all of the CSGO trading sites we showed you above will offer you a promotional code. This way you can take advantage of a bonus when trading your skins. In most cases it is a discount on the site’s commission.

What are CSGO trading bot sites and how do they work?

If you’re thinking about employing a CSGO trading site service, there are a few things to keep in mind. Simply enter your Steam Transaction URL and choose the trade you wish to make with the bot. After that, you must select an item from the bot’s inventory.

Check your Steam account and complete the transaction. We’d like to remind you that you have the ability to trade in many methods at the same time.

To avoid being scammed you should perform your transactions more securely. Before finalizing a deal, double-check the URL of the bot on the trading site to make sure it’s legitimate.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even the finest bot CSGO trading sites charge fees. These commissions are generally in the region of 4% to 15%. When you try to withdraw money, these commissions will be taken from your balance, it depends of each sites.

There are variety of payment methods accepted by CSGO trading sites if you want to deposit money and withdraw skins. Commissions are usually different depending on the payment type. It may be preferable to deal with low-commission payment options at this time.

More you need to know:

Trading with trade bots on CSGO trading websites will be the most prevalent method of trading. As previously said, each site has its own method of establishing the skin value. The rarity of a skin, as well as how much it has been used, are factors that influence its value.

They are usually classified into the following groups:

Factory new
Minimal wear
Field tested
Well Worn
Battle scarred

Unless you know all there is to know about CSGO skins, trading through a legit CSGO trading site is usually the safest option.

In order to be able to trade CSGO skins in the easiest way, we recommend you to check the list of CSGO trade sites we showed you above. There you will be able to select a site based on its rating and promotional code, which will give you a bonus when depositing on the site.