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WTFSkins Code: Best WTFSkins Promo Code + Review

Are you looking for a WTFSkins Promotional Code, a review of this page or more information about it?… Here you will be able to find everything you need to know about WTFSkins + referral code!

wtfskins promo code

USE CODE: csgomile

How to activate WTF Skins promo code?

Below we indicate step by step how to activate the WTFSkins promotional code:

  • To activate the WTFSkins code, first Login to that page ( Click here ) through your Steam account.
  • Click on “Affiliates or Free” in the main menu
  • Enter the promotional code csgomile
  • Get free balance.

More promotional codes:

Above we point out how to redeem the promotional code WTFSkins. This referral code will allow you to collect extra balance on that page.

Use the promo code WTFSkins and collect said extra balance. You will be able to try your luck and enjoy the different game modes of WTFSkins with a referral code.

Now that you know how to claim the WTFSkins code, continue here if you are interested in learning more about this page. Get now the reward in WTFSkins promo code!

About WTF Skins

WTFSkins is a gambling site where users can bet on different games to win skins.

Users access WTFSkins through their Steam account, even though they are not affiliated with Valve Corp.

They can then fund their account using one of the many available methods (we explain all of this later in the review).

Players can bet with skins or gems. Gems can be purchased with deposits made on the site. When betting with gems, winning bets are paid in skins of equal value.

In case of discrepancy between the value of the skin wagered and that of the skin won, the balance will be paid in gems. Gems can be used both to bet on games and to buy skins.

Bonus at WTFSkins – Promo Code

Just enter this code above to receive 0.25 gems that you can use throughout the site. Whether it’s jackpot, roulette or crash.

A daily bonus awaits you if you have already deposited money in wtfskins. The site gives you 0.02 gems every day.

Use the WTF Skins promo code to receive free credit and be able to test the betting site for yourself.

Is WTFSkins legit or a scam?

Some CSGO sites have engaged in questionable practices over the years. Therefore, it is normal to wonder if WTFSkins is reliable. WTFSkins has been around for over 5 years, which is long enough to give it some legitimacy.

They have a huge user base that keeps coming back which is another positive sign. WTFSkins is also affiliated with the CSGOLive site, which has been around for 4 years and is highly respected. The games on WTFSkins are fair and the hash date for each game can be found under the game itself.

The site’s FAQ section explains how to check fairness. WTFSkins users can be sure that the site is completely reliable and secure.

Games available on WTFSkins

WTFSkins gambling site offers three games that players can bet on. The selection of games isn’t huge, but the ones on offer are usually the most popular.

The games offered are the following:

Crash: very popular game on betting sites. The game works like this: A line on a graph represents a multiplier starting with 1x. The line moves horizontally, causing the multiplier to increase for a while before falling. Players must click “Collect” at the highest level of the multiplier, but before the line crashes.

Roulette: The WTFSkins version of Roulette has 15 pockets numbered 0-15. The 0 pocket is green. Square 0 is green, 7 is red, and the remaining 7 are black. Players can bet on any of the three colors. Winning bets on black and red pay x2, while a winning bet on green pays x14.

Jackpot: In the Jackpot, players deposit skins into a pot for which they receive tickets based on the value of the skins. A ticket is chosen at random and the holder of that ticket wins the jackpot. WTFSkins takes a 5% commission on jackpots.

Conclusion about the WTFSkins site

In general, WTFSkins is pretty standard. There are a limited number of games you can bet on, but the ones they offer are popular.

The daily bonuses are also a nice bonus. WTFSkins is very good at what it does, but not the best.

Still, it is a good page to try your luck and even play with the WTFSkins code that we indicated above.